Sunday, 29 May 2011

What’s new at Guinebor II

The Weather?
Well now we have been here for a year so the weather reports may start to get repetitive .The heat is back again and we are sleeping out on the veranda, it seems we may be a little adapted or is it really cooler this year Still at times we are totally drenched and need seemingly gallons of water to drink.

Ward and Mona?
We have new arrivals living opposite Ward and Mona have come from the States for 6 months. Ward will work on finance and administration with Ndilmbaye and Mona is a nurse/midwife so is helping around the hospital and learning a little Arabic , it’s good to have neighbours again and to share ideas and plans.

The Nurses ?
Two are new as we have made some changes in the nurses working pattern. This means we now have a nurse anaesthetist who also oversees the wards and a fixed nurse in charge of dressings and emergencies. Two nurses consult each day and slowly but surely things are taking shape. We are still busy and had our first twins 5 days ago we were also excited to have a little boy go home today. He weighed half as much again as he did when he arrived suffering from dehydration and severe malnutrition and he walked home instead of being carried.

The President?
There were elections last month but nothing new there, the president was re-elected in the first round with 82% of the vote. Most people seem quite happy and a big celebration in town passed off peacefully.

This time Mark managed to walk down the presidents’ road for a march for May day he even managed to wear the correct material, it went well and watermelon from the back of a cart, coke and sandwiches just rounded things off.

Our first Easter celebrations in Chad?
On Good Friday we showed the Jesus film in Arabic at the hospital it went well despite the dvd not working initially and Mark consulting until the last minute. We gave out peanuts dates and coke (narrowly avoiding giving it to the Diabetics). Easter Sunday celebrations at church started at 5.30 am with a service and then later in the day an outdoor celebration which was apparently a first- all groups were invited to sing and we sang with Ndilmbaye and a few other English speakers for the multilingual part. Later we even had some chocolate eggs which had to be eaten straight from the fridge. They were mini ones. The handmade ones for sale in the Café in town seemed a little incongruous and were out of price range especially as they risked not making it home.

Our new home?
Our house is coming on well with a roof and plastered walls and even the wood frame for the ceiling. It is fun to see our plans working out well. Mark does regular quality control checking that the plans are followed. The doors and windows are now in the right places. He spotted that the ceiling was sloping in the girls bedroom, but was inclined to let it pass as he didn’t want to be too fussy. But then Ruth spotted the same error. When measured one corner was at 2.90m and the other 3 corners at 3.00m. It looks better now.
All that is needed are windows, doors plumbing and painting so still a bit to go! All the same it’s getting exciting and we are looking forward to moving in.
Kittens and Horses?
Yes more kittens three this time, I think we need to find a vet quickly or we will be running an animal hospital. We even have a pet Chameleon who lives on the bush outside the front door and looks after himself. Ruth and Rebecca enjoyed their first horse ride in Chad last week at an open day for the French riding association in Chad, they hope to ride again at a farm owned by a Swiss lady and her Chadian husband. The bare backed riding display was impressive but I don’t think they will take it up !

Flying Doctor?
Mark has always had a secret desire to be a flying doctor and he had his chance. He didn’t get to fly the aeroplane but at least he sat in the co pilots’ seat on the flight out. He flew to Mondou in the South of Chad to accompany a sick medical student. He enjoyed the flight although it was a bit bumpy on the way back as they flew at a lower altitude. The patient subsequently went to Europe and is well.

So thats what is new with us, what about with you?

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  1. Hi,

    We remember and pray for you in church - 1st Sunday. May be your house is finished. Hope it is not too hot and the hospital is running smoothly. Hope Ward and Mona have settled in and able to contribute.

    Love Noreen